So we are in the midst of a hosepipe ban, which of course means it hasn't stopped raining since it was announced! Fortunately I have timed Mally's mid-season break rather well, so haven't had any of my events cancelled (yet!) so hopefully everywhere will have dried out before we return to Eventing!

Tonight we were supposed to be having a XC lesson with Jeanette - Jeanette makes monthly visits to our yard, visit   for more info - However due to the rain, all our local XC courses were closed. Luckily we have Willoughby Lodge Farm ( and their fabulous All Weather XC Arena, so we carried on regardless, the weather was onside for once and we had an evening of glorious sunshine!

Our group was a bit of a mishmash of experience, but as there was such a huge variety of fences and most of the adjustable, we managed fine. Jeanette's biggest tip was to stay near the Instructor whilst others are having their turn, as although the advice might not be relevant to you or your horse at that point, it's all knowledge!

Mally was, as ever, wonderful! However I have to re-balance much earlier than I have been, so that I can sit and support on the way into the fence, rather than trying to do too much on the way in and ending up having a battle of 'who knows best' with Mally. When I stop getting into an argument with her, she knows exactly what her job is and gets on with it! 
Jeanette was impressed with how bold she was, she manages to assess and deal with any question really quickly, although this can cause her to be a little cocky. When I do less on the approach to a fence it puts more responsibility on her and she becomes less cocky and waits a little bit more!

So all in all, we had a super lesson in the sunshine! I also had a quick chat with Jeanette about our plans to do Buckminster Novice in July and she was quite happy that it wasn't out of the realms of our ability. So hopefully all systems are geared towards that run now, fingers crossed everything goes to plan! We are perhaps off Show Jumping on Saturday to give a 1m10 class a shot... eeek!

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