Mally managed to give me heart failure after Eland Lodge, as when I did my evening check on her, she had a swollen fetlock that extended up the back of her leg. So I went for aggressive cold hosing, bandaging, arnica and box rest. It spent the next three days going up and down, so I decided to play it safe and call the Vet out to scan it and let me know either way,
The Vet did lots of poking and prodding, trotted her up and did flexion tests before scanning, so all bases were covered. Thankfully the scan showed nothing of note, so we managed to geta nice set of base scans should we ever need something to compare them too.
We came to the conclusion that her boot had slipped around slightly and the protective strike guard had rubbed and caused her leg to inflame. 

So now comes the Spoilt Mally part! I decided to get her some new boots, as I didn't want a repeat performance. After some recommendations from friends, I ordered a full set of Ecogold boots, as they have a Memory Foam lining and are designed to mould to the leg. I also decided to bite the bullet and order a Ecogold XC Pad, something I have coveted for a while! The boots are lovely and the pad may well have jumped to the top of my 'things I would save in a fire' list (along with the dog and the boyfriend obviously!) Mally certainly seems to like it and has suddenly become far softer though her back - maybe a coincidence, but as they performed so well in pressure tests I think there is a link! are the only UK stockists of Ecogold ( and provide a super speedy delievery service as well as being present at lots of BE events throughout t

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